Custom Battery

BRAVE ROBOTICS Inc. utilizes the elemental technology cultivated through the development of transforming robots to provide custom-made lithium battery packs for industrial equipment.


Various industrial equipment, various types of electric mobility, energy storage for solar and wind power generation, simple emergency power sources, etc.


  • Batteries can be created to match existing hardware
  • Adopts cylindrical batteries (18650 size, 21700 size) that can be stably and continuously supplied. It is possible to create a battery with the same dimensions even after many years, and there is a possibility of improving performance by refreshing the battery (cell replacement)
  • Freely selectable voltage, current, and capacity. Voltage 11.1V to 620V, current 30A to 500A, capacity 100mAh to 1000Ah and more.

・Hot-swap operation is possible by using two or more parallel modules in parallel.

  • Case shape and charge/discharge connector can be freely selected. Case material: steel or aluminum

・Splash-proof specification available


  • You can choose from the highly reliable American-made Orion BMS and the reasonable Chinese-made DALY BMS (other BMS are also available)
  • Current voltage, current, temperature, remaining capacity, etc. can be obtained in real time through wired serial communication with BMS (UART, CAN, RS485)

Price and delivery time

Delivery time: 1.5 months (varies depending on specifications, quantity, stock status, and world situation)

Reference price (Li-ion cell (1000 cycle life), steel custom-made battery case, non-waterproof specification)

11.1V 10Ah200USD1,400,000USD10,000USD
25.9V 10Ah465USD3,265USD23,300USD
74V 10Ah1,330USD9,330USD66,000USD
11.1V100Ah2000USD14,000USD15,000,000 yen

(Prices are shown excluding tax. Prices may change depending on battery specifications)