We have developed “J-deite RIDE” of
4m long and another transform robot.

J-deite RIDE

J-deite RIDE is a 4-meter tall robot that can transform from a bipedal walking humanoid form (robot mode) to a wheel-driven form (vehicle mode) and back. Up to two people can ride the robot and is operable from the driver’s seat. It can also be operated by remote-control via wireless network. BRAVE ROBOTICS designed and developed the hardware, including the unique transforming mechanism, and Asratec’s robot control system “V-Sido” performs the robot motions such as the transformation, bipedal walking, wheel driving and more. Mechanical designer Kunio Okawara cooperated in the robot design.

J-deite Quarter

“J-deite Quarter” is a 1.3m high, transforming robot. This robot transform between humanoid and vehicle form. Transformation action, bipedal walking and car operations are all achieved via V-Sido.